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Lenzing Viscose is the first generation cellulose fibre from the Lenzing Group in Austria that has more than 70 years of viscose production expertise.

Materials made frorn these fibres have very good moisture absorption and heat dissipation properties which greatly aid in keeping the wearer cool, dry and comfortable even in extreme temperatures and clirnates. Its natural breathability and aestheti. further enhance its proposition as a superior garment material. It is also soft and smooth on the body. Lenzing Viscose has been made to be a high performance and durable textile material, and coupled with all its other benefits, should be a prime choice for the fashion community.

Apart from its quality and exceptionally functional production, the Lenzing Group also places great importance on sustainability and environmental protection. Chemicals and waste produ. from its production processes are recycled and even used as a sweetener in the food industry. In recognition of its contributions to those issues, the Lenzing Group has been given the European Environmental Award.

Viscose and Modal production

The production of fibers using the viscose process is a chemical-technological process that proceeds in multiple steps. The individual stages, which are electronically controlled and constantly monitored, determine the processability of the viscose and quality of fibers. Pulp is steeped in a sodium hydroxide solution and converted to alkali cellulose. The addition of carbon disulfide causes cellulose xanthate to form. The xanthate is dissolved in diluted sodium hydroxide solution, filtered, deaerated, ripened and metered through spinnerets into a sulfate regenerating bath. After that, the fibers are stretched, cut, desulfurized and bleached with a sodium hypochlorite solution or a hydrogen peroxide solution.

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