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  • What makes an underwear piece comfortable?

    The level of comfort of an intimate apparel is very demanding. It depends not only on its design (fit, shape, size, etc.) and of course its materials. Imagine a bra of strings with metal stripes, that wouldn’t be comfortable.
    Some people are even allergic to certain materials. Organic materials are relatively more expensive but provides the best comfort and is anti-allergic to your skin. This solves the material issue. However, bamboo is very fragile and therefore not suitable for some occasions. There’re still a lot of popular organic materials out there, even the simplest form of cotton could be organic cotton, or viscose, modal, etc.
    Some people say why organic clothing is more classical and dull in design, mostly because of the limited range of materials they could use during production. To call it true organic, not only the fabrics itself, but the dyes used are very limited as well.
  • Is a boxer better or a brief?

    Short boxer briefs cover 1/3 of your thigh to loose, rugged long trunks. There are tight and loose designs. But above all such design covers your bottom almost entirely, which is supposed to be much more comfortable than briefs, thongs, tangas, etc. As you wouldn’t feel the trimming of the entire piece. There are seamless ones but are relatively rare.
    However, for tight boxers, since they cover much of your skin, if the material being used is poor, it could be way worse as you sweat. Therefore, the use of permeable material is the determining factor of its comfort of a boxer brief. E.g. Bamboo, modal, lenzing viscose are permeable ones, but more of a premium price.
    People also pick boxers for winter time as well!
    After all, boxer briefs are Ideal for: Athletic, Moderate Sports, Everyday
    Wear With: Workout clothes and gym shorts, jeans, pants, etc.
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